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Power Repair Tape 10 cm x 150 cm

Power Repair Tape 10 cm x 150 cm
Power Repair Tape 10 cm x 150 cm

PowerRepair is thanks to its revolutionary formula the strongest repair tape in the world! Now it’s easy to make a permanent and very strong connection with all kind of materials such as:   • Metals (e.g. copper, iron, aluminium, etc.)  • Plastics (e.g. PVC, PP, PE, rubber, etc.)  • Ceramics  • Wood  • Glass Etc.  


·         As hard as steel in 15 minutes

·         2-component technics with just water as second component

·         Gas and waterproof up to 72PSI

·         Cold and heat resistant -45 °C till 145 °C

·         Sandable and paintable

·         Applicable to all materials

 Easy to use:

·         Open the air-tight packing and take out the PowerRepair

·         Dip PowerRepair in lukewarm water for about 15 sec.

·         Wrap PowerRepair tightly around the break

·         After only 15 minutes your broken item is ready to use

Product specifications
Length150 cm
Width10 cm
  • Product ID: 350150
  • EAN: 8718868748058
This is a WIGIG item, which quite frankly means: When It's Gone, It's Gone!
We do still have some stock left , so grab it while supplies last.