RUPES Extraction unit trolley 30 liters

RUPES Extraction unit trolley 30 liters
Extremely silent
Mobile units for extracting dust during sanding and various types of industrial work. Fitted for connection to an electric
M.I.C. Multifunction Intelligent Control: manual or automatic start-up speed control led notification "service interval" for motor brushes replacement
2 panels filter for excellent filtration capacity
Electrostatic charge dispersion device
High capacity dust/liquid 30 Litres tank
Pivotable front connector for hoses, Ø 25 - 29 - 38 - 50 mm

Filter class EN 60335-2-69   L
Filter surface      m² 1
Container volume       l 30
Capacity bag      kg 5,000
Noise   dB(A) 70
Weight     Kg 10,500
Vacuum level max  mm/H₂O  2000
Power   W/hp 1X1200
Power max      W 1X2400
Flow capacity    m³/h 200