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Product ID: 795/z
Large paint roller tray. Internal width 46 cm/18 inches. Deep profiled roll off area with side drainage channels. Approx 3 litre maximum working capacity. With pouring spout. Dimensions 44 cm/17 inches long x 46 cm/19 inches wide x 11 cm/4.3 inches deep...
Product ID: 7513
Splash protection of shoes and trousers during painting, decorating, priming or sealing...
Product ID: 4680IMP
Extruded Aluminium, 58 cm Width. For application and spreading of coatings and fillers.Height adjustable steel blade for coating thickness up to 10 mm..
Product ID: 4680K
Aluminium 60 cm Width with steel blade, with 6 hardened Adjustable Spikes. For application and spreading of coatings and screeds. Use: Application and spreading of Coatings & Screeds.  With height adjustable stainless steel bead. The setting bead is adjustable continuously up to an app..
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