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Fluxaf Power Clean 0,75 litre

Fluxaf Power Clean 0,75 litre

Fluxaf Power clean

Product description and uses

Biodegradable Fluxaf Power clean is a very powerful ready to use alkaline cleaner and degreaser. Based on a range of solvents & surfactants, it’s designed to remove tough stains in seconds from practically all hard surfaces.

Fluxaf Power clean formula works on:

-Chewing gum

-Bumper Stickers -Labels -Kitchen cabinets -Kitchen grease -Masking tape -Tape residue -Fireplace soot -Smoke damage -Printer’s ink -Crayon -Lipstick -Shoe polish -Soap Scum -Mildew Stains -Scuff marks -Cosmetics -Food & drink stains -Blood stains -Pet stains

Stubborn stains: For older or more difficult jobs like brake dust, oil grease and dried latex: apply a generous amount of cleaner and allow to stand for a few minutes before wiping off. repeat the application process if necessary

Pretreatment for painting: Paint will adhere to surfaces better and longer with Power clean than with traditional pretreatments, so you are assured greater reliability.

Product specifications
Carton PU12
  • Product ID: 621075
  • EAN: 8717853121098