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Plastic inner for Metal Kettle

Plastic inner for Metal Kettle
Plastic tin liners

The Plastic tin liners also offer an excellent solution. The can be placed inside a conical paint kettle and have a sharp striking tap, which allows the brush to be struck off well and allows the paint to flow back into the tin fully and directly. The plastic tin liner is characterised by an extremely high level of flexibility which means it does not break at low temperatures or by rough handling.

Colour change with tin liners

When painting directly from a paint kettle, a change of colour means a different paint kettle (tinplate container). When using a tin liner, this can be changed in its entirety, stored away with a close fitting lid and you can continue work in no time. A tin liner can also be used as stand alone. The liner is then often used as storage or brush tin, because of the close fitting lid.

Product specifications
Pallet PU1440 pcs
  • Product ID: 721
  • EAN: 8711451045701