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Trays, Buckets & Grids

Product ID: 795/z
Large paint roller tray. Internal width 46 cm/18 inches. Deep profiled roll off area with side drainage channels. Approx 3 litre maximum working capacity. With pouring spout. Dimensions 44 cm/17 inches long x 46 cm/19 inches wide x 11 cm/4.3 inches deep...
Product ID: 721
The Plastic tin liners also offer an excellent solution. The can be placed inside a conical paint kettle and have a sharp striking tap, which allows the brush to be struck off well and allows the paint to flow back into the tin fully and directly. The plastic tin liner is characterised by an ex..
Product ID: 7035
Roll and GoFor painting and rolling in and around the house. Safe, easy and economical. Everything in one hand! The Roll and Go is very handy painter's tool for everyone who paints. Everyone who has worked with a flat roller tray knows the inconveniences of the tray: it is always a balancing act wit..
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