How to Order & Request a quotation

Creating an account

1. Make sure you are visiting your region's branch, visible in the logo area of every page.
- If not, switch to either or

2. Create an account. (NOTE: We only sell to registered wholesalers and distributors)

3. Wait for the manual approval of your account. You'll receive an e-mail once we've verified you.

Placing an order or requesting a quotation

1. Login with your account credentials on your local Roll Roy website.

2. Add products to your order by after simply entering the right quantity.

3. Go to the checkout page.

4. Select whether you're placing an order or requesting a quotation.

5. Confirm your order. You'll immediately receive a detailed confirmation.

Reordering previous orders

1. Go to the Order History/Order Status page.

2. Click one of your previous orders.

3. Click the blue button next to the products to reorder them.

4. Review your order. If necessary, change quantities, remove or add products to the order.

Shipping Cost

The Netherlands DDP delivery - Minimum order value € 250.

Belgium DDP delivery - Minimum order value € 750.

Germany DDP delivery - Minimum order value € 1500.

Export to other countries: All prices are Ex works Amsterdam, The Netherlands.