Roll Roy UK is a supplier for a wide range of painting tools.

Our office is located in
Kingston Upon Hull.

Together with our factory in The Netherlands & branch in the Middle East we serve a big part of the world market.

At Roll Roy we are proud of our

We have the only
paint roller factory
in The Netherlands.

We produce the quality of products your company expects!

More than 50 years of experience
in producing paint rollers!

You may know us from, amongst others:

Woven backing, twisted 18mm polyamide and acrylic yarn.Excellent absorption and rolling capacity, on..
Thin Wall Brush  Features: 100% DuPont™ SRT Tynex© & Orel© filaments Dyed, tipped, flagged ..
Angular Features:100% DuPont™ SRT Chinex© & Nylon filaments Dyed, tipped, flagged & sanded, ..